Foundation without Mica available
Suitable for allergy sufferers
No nanoparticles
Here you can easily find out which shade of Mineral Foundation perfectly matches your skin tone.

Cover blemishes and be happy with an even skin tone in an instant!
Get an overview of what is meant by Mineral Make Up and what the advantages of our ChriMaLuxe Mineral Make Up are.

Natural decorative cosmetics is used more and more of many customers and shows what great results with our Mineral Make Up can be achieved.
We are happy to give you an overview of our ChriMaLuxe Mineral Make Up and all components or ingredients.

A good skin tolerance and excellent quality of all selected raw materials are self-evident.
What is generally meant by Nano-Particles? We will give you an overview and show you some kinds of application of Nano-Particles.

We as ChriMaLuxe Minerals do not use Nano-Particles in our products.