Foundation without Mica available
Suitable for allergy sufferers
No nanoparticles

Application - Step by Step

Before After



Step 1:

After you have cleaned your face, apply an appropriate (for your type of skin) day cream or skin care cream to your skin. The cream should be well absorbed by the skin before you start powder application. Thus, you create the basis for a consistent result.

Basic face Use of concealer brush Left side of face after
application of corrector



Step 2:

Apply the desired corrector point by point with the concealer brush. For large-scale application, we recommend using the mini Kabuki brush. For our model we used the green corrector to selectively cover redness.

• Corrector Grün (green): redness, acne, rosacea, sunburn

• Corrector Gelb (yellow): dark circles around the eyes, discoloration, pigmentary abnormality

• Corrector Blau (blue): to correct orangeness, for a fresh clean look

• Corrector Rosa (pink): to brighten up dull, tired, lifeless complexions

• Corrector Violett (lavender): to correct yellowish skin and yellow bruising; for spot coverage

• Corrector Apricot (apricot): to warm up olive/yellow skin tones; to correct purplish/bluish bruising

Face after
application of corrector
Use of mini kabuki brush Left side of face after
application of concealer



Step 3:

If you require or desire a heavy cover-up, now start applying the concealer. There are several alternatives for applying the Concealer. Point by point with the concealer brush or for larger areas, the Mini Kabuki Brush or the Flat Top Brush is suitable. On our model, the Concealer A was applied. A is suitable for light skin types from Cala to Hyazinth (or ChriMaLuxe 01 - 03) and the Concealer B is suitable for darker skin types from Lilie to Kokos (or ChriMaLuxe 04 - 07).

Face after application
of concealer
Use of kabuki brush Left side of face after
application of foundation



Step 4:

Application of the Mineral Foundation using the brush method. Hereby applies: Use all the mineral products very sparingly. A very small amount is enough to get the best result. The guiding principle is: Less is more! First, open a powder compact and loosen the decal on the sieve. Put a small amount of powder, e.g. inside the lid or in a small bowl and start turning your brush in the powder with rotational movements in order to incorporate the powder into the brush. If no more powder is seen in the lid, turn your brush around and tap a few times very lightly on your mat. This way your powder is better absorbed into the brush, and you get a nicer overall result. When you are done, you should see almost no powder on the brush. Start with a large area such as the forehead or cheek and distribute your powder with light rotational movements of the brush on the face. This way the Mineral Make-up blends perfectly with your skin and creates a smooth complexion.

For our model we used the Foundation Orchidee olive opaque and applied it with a Kabuki Brush. Alternatively, the short Flat Top Brush could be used.

Face after application
of foundation
Use of short
flat top brush



Step 5:

To give your Foundation an individual finish, you can apply an effect powder, such as shimmering, shiny or matting.

As our model has combination skin prone to shine, we used super-fine silk powder, which was applied using the Flat Top Brush. Alternative brushes, e.g. short Flat Top Brush or Kabuki Brush.



Eye Make Up and cheek:

• Eyelid line / eyelashes: Eyeshadow 45

• Eyelid: Eyeshadows 07, 08, 09, 60 and 81

• Eyelashes: Blush 01



Application techniques:

Brush Method

In general, the Foundation is applied using the brush method. This generally achieves the best results.

Moist application

Spray the brush lightly with water, such as thermal water, rose water, etc. then put the powder on the brush and distribute it on the face. Furthermore, you can mix foundation with your day cream. Put a little bit of cream in the palm of your hand and add the desired amount of foundation. Mix these and dab the mixture with a damp sponge on your face.



Possible problems during application of foundation:

Uneven results after foundation application

• Cream base did not soak into skin long enough

• Generally, too much powder was used or applied too much to certain spots

Chalky appearance

• The foundation used is too light

• Too much foundation was applied



I will gladly answer any questions personally regarding the application of the mineral powder, regarding colour selection or generally, with regards to our range. Send me an email via our contact form so we can also arrange a telephone consultation.

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